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Catering Services

We undertake catering services for Major occasions such as weddings, upanayanams to shashthi poorthi celebrations, Special occasions such as birthdays and all divine/spiritual rituals

Pickles on order

If you are an NRI or resident locally, you must taste our delicious mouth watering authentic Telugu pickles. Once you taste, we are sure you will want more and more varieties. Come and visit our pickle factory. We reward you with a sample sachet of two of your most favorite pickles. please give us an order with an advance notification of 5 days and we will fulfill your wish and take care of all packaging requirements.


Missing your mother’s special recipes ? Worry Not! We have 47 varieties of podi recipes to suit your taste buds. Our ‘all fresh & organic’ policy ensures these masalas and podis keep your stomach cool yet satisfy your taste buds. Check out our gallery and select whatever you need. you will receive them at your door steps within 2 days!

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About us

  • We are driven by the ancient Indian wisdom” Athidhi Devo Bhava!” Our key to success is bringing the divine taste to you and your guests.
  • Annam Parabrahma Svaroopam: We strive to prepare the food in an utmost sacred environment with absolute faith in Vedic traditions. As the Vedic hymns are chanted, the food we prepare gets divinely pranik, it will not only be tasty & delicious but also becomes a blessing of the sage trinity.
  • We believe that you will stay blessed when your guests are blessed with a high Pranik food!

Our Commitment

  • We commit in faith and absolute devotion, in Prana and in Taste, in happiness and in absolute bliss from now till infinity.
  • We commit to providing you with bespoke food presentations that look as beautiful as they taste.
  • We commit to delivering a magical experience that will enchant both you and your guests.
  • We commit to offer highest degree of 'Prana' to your guests.
  • We commit to a truly heartening experience.

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